Third Trimester

You would have already gained between 25-35 pounds by the end of the third trimester. Due to hormonal changes, you might become emotional and may feel nervous. Additionally, you may start to get leg cramps more often and they may hurt more than before. Therefore, you should rest often during the day and elevate your feet. You may also feel some strange symptoms this trimester, such as feeling as though your baby is going to "fall out" and numbness in the pelvic region.

At the end of your third trimester, the pain and discomfort experienced during pregnancy will replaced by the joys of delivering your child. During this stage of your pregnancy, your baby's development and growth will be slowing down rapidly and coming to an end. Vital organs would have completed their creation and he/she will begin forming fat deposits under the skin.

You will need to change

  • You will now need to visit your healthcare provider every two (2) weeks
  • Avoid lifting heavy objects
  • Get as much rest as you can
  • Think about how you want to give birth and possibly have a birth plan already set out
  • Have your hospital bag already packed
  • Start thinking of names for your baby

How you will be affected

  • You belly may affect your balance and lead you to have back ache
  • You balance will be affect by the increase in size of your belly
  • Your back may begin to ache due to the increase sign of your belly
  • Your breasts may begin to leak colostrum

How your baby will develop

  • Your baby will begin to get fatter as fat deposits are being made underneath your baby's skin
  • All vital organs will be completed and in working condition
  • Your baby will get into position for birth

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