Second Trimester

The second trimester consists of weeks 14 to 26. During this trimester you will begin to feel your baby move. The second trimester is usually the one which women enjoy the most, as morning sickness should have almost completely disappeared and you will begin to look and feel pregnant, without feeling like you have just loaded on a few extra pounds.

During this stage of your pregnancy, your body will start to really change shape as your pregnancy weight gain starts to pick up as your baby grows inside of your uterus. During the course of this trimester you will begin to experience some of the other pregnancy symptoms such as back pain, headaches and dizziness, but these are normal.

Things you need to do.

  • Get as much rest as possible
  • Consult your healthcare provider before you take any medication.
  • If you aren't already following an exercise program, then now is a good time to start one.
  • Drink plenty of fluids, water being the most important.
  • Continue to follow a healthy diet, ensuring that you and your baby are getting all the correct nutrients.

How this stage of pregnancy will affect you?

  • Your belly will begin getting rounder as you continue to gain weight and will start to look pregnant.
  • Your breasts will continue to grow in size.
  • You may find that moles and freckles will begin to get darker.
  • You may start to retain water resulting in swollen fingers, feet, ankles and legs..

How this stage of pregnancy will affect your baby?

  • Lanugo, which is a fine hair will begin to cover his/her body.
  • Ears will begin to look like real ears.
  • Your baby will begin to form sleeping patterns.
  • Your baby will move about inside your uterus.
  • Your baby's bones will begin to get harder.


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